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Looking for something new?

Choose from almost 200 of my original Victorian Mash-ups created from long forgotten black & white etchings artfully joined to create new works on paper. Registered in The Library Of Congress

they're now available here plus a few stores. Each is a 5"x 7" folded card finished with French glitter and a single crystal on 100lb. card stock with 28lb. stock envelopes. 

You'll be delighted when your cards arrive. And you may want to just keep them all! Please do...then order more.

$6 per card & Free Shipping


Enjoy! mr. hardin

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Almost 200 designs to choose from and each card is $6 plus shipping. I print to order

so the cards are not returnable. But I promise you'll be delighted! Many people never send them instead keeping them for themselves. Framing them. Displaying them. Get creative and make Christmas ornaments out of them. Have a ball. mr. hardin

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"Alice & Her Siblings"  8" ceramic dessert plates available for special order. Contact me at: 

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It's the glitter that makes them come alive

It's almost impossible to capture in photography the subtlety of French glitter. I apply it by hand as well as the individual crystals. The images below are NOT representative of the reproductive quality of my work--but an attempt to show the glitter when applied.  Also be assured the cards and envelopes are pure white. Each card gets a different amount of glitter as needed. Some just a little...some a bit more. And each art element is sized differently to achieve the best effect. Some are small with white space around them--others are sized larger and cover the face of the card. Scale and white space make each of these cards unique--so consequently they're all quite interesting.

NOTE: I print on demand so your cards will arrive in a week to 10 days. Sooner if I can do it.

All cards are printed "to order" and cannot be returned. All Sales are Final. Each design is copyrighted as a "new work on paper" at The Library of Congress. Unless otherwise noted all cards are blank inside. Custom orders can feature a unique greeting inside such as, "Happy Holidays from The Smiths". A return address can be printed on the black flap. Customized card orders are $6.50/card with a minimum of 25 cards of the same image. Contact me at: for details.

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