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The World Of Bill Emrich

Authorized Images From The Estate Of Bill Emrich | 1954 to 2006 | Wild Men

A word about Bill... Bill Emrich was a talented, dark, funny, overly-intelligent and generous man. In a life that ended much too soon he added a rich narrative to the world of photography especially with his images of men. Though a fashion photographer with work widely known and respected--it is his sittings with men--on beaches, in bedrooms, in bars, on the street and so on that are so uniquely him. But like so many brilliant people (and Bill was brilliant) he got off-track, lost and found himself mostly alone, terribly ill and broke. He died the way he always feared he would--destitute and forgotten. For many complicated and now ridiculous reasons we had not spoken in ten years. He did leave me his photographic estate to manage in his will--but there was almost nothing left at the time of his death due to the travails and disasters that befell him towards the end. What little there is I do my best to push forward--to a potential group of new admirers --somewhere out there. To keep his name alive. And to give me a reason to talk about him just a bit longer.  

Russ Hardin / Agent & Photographic Estate Executor

Bill's images are iconic and capture a period of time in fashion that celebrated physical beauty and a certain rawness that obviously appealed to him. Shot all over the world at various locales there are no surviving negatives of his work. All the featured images are recreated from original silver gelatin prints or from his only published book. These digital prints are

beautiful and inky. Deep and almost dusty in terms of their finish. Bill I hope would have been delighted. 

Limited Edition of 25 each: 16" x 20" | digital print on archival paper | Signed and registered by executor.   $700 ea.

Please contact me to arrange purchase and delivery at:

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Print No. 1  "Miami Guy"                                                                    Print No. 2  "Three Guys On Break"                                               Print No. 3  "Man In The Big Brimmed Hat"

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Print No. 4  "Winston"                                                                        Print No. 5  "Jerry"                                                                             Print No. 6  "Hiding In Plain Sight"

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