Vintage Retail Posters

Great and forgotten work from the 1960's...when concepts and IDEAS ruled the world!

There was a time not so long ago (50+ years or more) when the world of advertising was ruled by ideas and imagination.

The Art Director was truly king (or queen) and the work was a brilliant arranged marriage of image and copy. Artists and illustrators were sought after for their originality, talent and quirky view of the world. Photography had yet to join the ranks as the preferred visual agent. Photography was for "documentation" not for pursuits of creativity (With apologies to Man Ray and other greats.) The featured ads are from original color newspaper proofs fished out of the trash some 35 years ago. Scanned. Endlessly retouched and re-calibrated so they could become poster size--there's nothing else quite like them. The notable stores are shuttered and their ads that did appear in major city newspapers have long gone out as wrapping for fish heads and apple peels. Ahh...but these survive to tell their exquisite and brilliant stories. 

Posters: 30" x 40" on heavy matte archival stock. Posted to you in a tube for safety. $550.00 ea.

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